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Hair Health and maintenance in this context involves the hygienic conditioning and sustenance of hair on the head. The scalp skin must also be kept healthy just like the skin on the body for effective and healthy production of hair. To have healthy hair it is imperative to give primary importance to hair hygiene. The hair’s natural oils can be distributed by brushing it regularly with different sizes of brush bristles. This, in turn, stimulates the sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Hair also has to be protected from bacteria that can arise due to scalp disorders.

Tips for healthy hair start from knowing your own hair type. All men with ethnic backgrounds have hair that is meant to grow. Lifestyle modifications and genetics eventually lead to baldness. The cause of baldness, of course, will be discussed in a different forum. But in this overview today, we bring you the basic tips for hair growth and preservation.

Having healthy and full hair infuses confidence in the individual. REGROWZ’s digital platform aims to provide steps to maintain hair and its growth. If you have suffered hair loss, order your REGROWZ serum today and watch the transformation!


If you think hair thinning and baldness only affected the older generation, then you are in for a surprise. Male pattern baldness is the cause of 95% of hair loss in men and female pattern loss has a similar statistic. The psychologically painful process can begin in the late teens for the unlucky ones. To combat this unhappy situation Regrowz has built a digital awareness page to help you know more about the condition.

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Not all that you touch is gold. There are a variety of hair regrowth and hair-sustaining products with a combination of ingredients available in the market. Some vouch for clinical evidence while others don’t. Know more about the safest elements that can promote healthy hair growth.

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