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Acorus Calamus


Acorus Calamus

This wetland monocot comes with many common names. Belonging to the Acorus genus, the plant has been used extensively in traditional Ayurveda. It is high in B-asarone content and is used frequently as a seasoning in traditional Chinese medicine. It has cognitive-enhancing properties and has the potential to treat neuropathic pain. The active B-asarone is an active ingredient that comprises of the plant’s main mechanism.

The semi-aquatic plant grows with wet feet and other water weeds. It is usually found to be growing on the edges of rivers, lakes, and ponds and sometimes in a slightly drier soil. The root (which also produces abundant rootlets) is a horizontal stem that runs across the ground and is a rhizome. Cultivating it is fairly easy and when wet thrives well and grows flowers every year.



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