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What is Allium Cepa?

The onion or bulb onion’s scientific name is Allium Cepa. Belonging to the kingdom of Plantae and the family of Amaryllidaceae plants, this biennial plant is geographically grown in South West Asia. The plant has been bred for approximately 7000 years. There are several other species in the Allium genus that are called onions and cultivated for food. Historically ancient Egypt, the Bronze Age settlers, ancient Greece, the Roman gladiators, European settlers and Native Americans are known for growing and using onions as food or for medicinal purposes. The A.Cepa was widely grown in the British gardens around 995 as a vegetable crop.

Active chemical and nutritional components of the onion

The onion is the second most important crop grown just after the tomatoes. Its distinctive pungency improves the taste of food and it is generally considered as a healthy natural food. The main active components of the onion are:

The medicinal properties and health benefits of A. Cepa or the onion

Onions act as an antiseptic, antibiotic and display anti-microbial properties as well and are extremely useful in preventing infections. They actively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

A.Cepa for hair loss and balding

A.Cepa is known to be one of the best solutions for alopecia areata or baldness.


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