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What is Citrus Limon?

The common name for Citrus Limon is lemon. The tree was in olden times cultivated widely in China and India and subsequently adopted by the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians and finally the civilisations of the Mediterranean. Lemon was and is used in a variety of ways due to its healthy configuration. Ancient literature has several prescriptions with lemon. Today hot regions like Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, China, USA, France, Italy and Spain also cultivate lemon.

Citrus Limon formulation

Sailors consumed the lemon widely in the middle ages because it could avoid deficiencies of vitamin C. The lemon has an interesting combination:

The multiple health benefits of Citrus Limon

The Citrus Limon has several health benefits and medicinal uses:

How does Citrus Limon help in hair loss and growth?

Lemon can sustain a healthy and strong hair. Unchecked hair loss can lead to baldness. The essential nutrient for hair health is vitamin C which is in abundance in lemon.


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