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Emblica Officinalis is the Indian Gooseberry also known as “Amla”, which is a wonder fruit. All parts of this Ayurvedic herb are useful for therapeutic purposes, especially for regulating the metabolism of glucose, cardiac health and to provide neurological protection.

The herb

Also known as Phyllanica Emblica Linn, this traditional medicine enhances vitality and significantly reduces blood glucose levels in diabetics as well as in healthy individuals. It is said to hold a similar potency to the drug glibenclamide. A research conducted on animals showed that the fruit had the capability of maintaining cardiovascular health, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. The Indian Gooseberry is one of the most important plants in the traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine. The preparatory methods of the fruit are mentioned in Sanskrit texts dating back to about the first century AD. The Emblica also has its references in the Egyptian, Tibetan, Arabic and Unani texts. The whole plant including its roots and bark are used in both fresh and dried forms.

Botanical information

The tree is deciduous and native to Southeastern Asia. The simple feather-like leave of the small and medium-sized perennial plant are closely set along the branches. The fruits are smooth and hard and the flowers, greenish-yellow in colour. Ripening in autumn, the fruits are harvested by hand.

Chemical composition

The fruit of the Emblica Officinalis predominantly contains moisture other than large amounts of carbohydrate. It also contains bulk elements of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and nicotinic acid. The key active constituents of the herb are:

Benefits to health

Benefits of Emblica Officinalis for the hair

REGROWZ includes the Emblica due to its positive effects on skin and hair. As the herb aids in digestion the liver is automatically detoxified and its rich vitamin C content is proven to provide a good complexion. The composition, therefore, aids in the immunity of the skin as the tissues are cleansed of toxins. The fruit works by fighting against bacterial infections of the skin, providing a clear and glowing complexion. The berry also contains calcium, which promotes healthier bone growth inclusive of nails and hair. The hair follicles are strengthened thereby arresting premature greying and thinning of hair. Crushed Emblica Officinalis fruits, especially have a great effect on hair growth.


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