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What is Tellicherry bark?

Also known as Holarrhena antidysentrica or Conessi, the Tellicherry bark is a deciduous plant affiliated to the Apocynaceae family. Even considered as one of the most valuable medicinal barks by The British Materia Medica, the plant grows in the tropical Asian countries and is found in the sub-Himalayan tract at an altitude of about 4000 ft. In the Philippines, the plant is known as “white angel”. It is a bitter to taste, astringent and is pungent – known to be beneficial for all organs in the abdomen.

Composition of the Tellicherry bark

The Tellicherry bark contains five steroidal alkaloids:

The therapeutic powers of the Tellicherry bark

One of the primary uses of the Tellicherry bark is its ability to cure dysentery and amoebiosis.

Tellicherry bark’s contribution to hair health and baldness

The astringent in the Tellicherry bark has several benefits for the scalp.


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