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Regrowz is the only hair regrowth product to be clinically proven to increase the volume of hair in 100% of subjects within the clinical trial.

Natural Ingredients

Made with natural extracts that promote hair regrowth without side effects


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Regrowz is the only hair growth product to be clinically proven to increase the volume of hair in 100% of subjects within the clinical trial. Buy Regrowz with confidence, see your hair regrow or thicken or we’ll return your money.
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Amazing results.

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Easy, quick, and effortless!

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It helped my hair grow thick and long!

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Customer’s Feedback


“My baby hairs have really grown on each side and I am confident that I can now see an improvement.”

Eltoria's experience


“I am pleasantly surprised and quite happy to see the beginnings of growth and love that it is all down to natural products.”

Sarah's experience


“Yes, after the completion of the trail, I certainly feel like I just need this in my life and strongly recommend this product to everyone.”

Christine's experience


“Initially I was worried that it wouldn't work. And, in the beginning I did shed a lot of hair still so this only added to that worry.”

Elyse's experience


“Confidence is certainly something I’ve gained from using Regrowz, I found sleeping in the product tricky at first but using the product.”

Jade's experience


“Yes, totally, I LOVE the product, and take back any scepticism I had. My husband is very impressed.”

Mandi's experience


“After 6 months I’m so used to the smell and having seen the results, I now welcome the smell as I know I’m helping my hair to become thicker.”

Marie's experience


“The application is a lot easier and I will sometimes need help for the back of the head. The more I use the product the easier it gets.”

Mary's experience


“After using Regrowz I saw a significant difference, my hair looked and felt thicker. The problem with the dryness seemed to lessen after this point also.”

Surita's experience


“I’ve seen some growth in the bald areas. Although this growth has been very slow I can definitely tell that there are baby hairs growing.”

Tereza's experience


“Over the past 6 months my hair has grown quite quickly and it is thicker than before. I saw very little change at first over the last 6 months.”

Charollete's experience


“I think my hair overall has got thicker. It tends to fall over the area so much nicer and makes me feel more confident.”

Hayley's experience


“I honestly think helps after giving birth, if you have lost a lot of hair. Absolutely! My hair just feels awesome in every way.”

Jay's Experience


“I have had many positive comments on how thicker my hair looks. I am very impressed with this product.”

Katie's experience


“Regrowz made sure that my hair grew faster than normal in terms of length, but the thickness of my hair looked exactly the same as before.”

Olivia's experience


“I wasn't sure about the roll-on application and the smell was a bit off putting.”

Lilla's experience

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